July 15, 2019

Building a Campfire Bench from Trees and Scrap Lumber

My family has recently started fixing up an old cottage that has a lot of great DIY projects. They aren't using raspberry pis though, this is good old fashion manual labour. A bit of a different pace From the nerd stuff that appears all over this site if you ask me, but just as fun.

In this post I'll be describing how I built a bench for the fire pit. If you want to see a video of me building half a bench, you can find there here too!

Here's a similar bench I built too, but with half the number of legs:


  1.  Hand Saw (This 15" Sven Folding Handsaw is one of THE BEST camping purchases I have ever made)   
  2. Drill with drill and screwdriver bits 
  3. Beefy 4" screws 
  4. 56" of round log about 6" in diameter
  5. 28" of round log about 1-3" in diameter
  6. Two pine 4ft  2"x6"  (or one 8ft cut in half)

How To Do?

Please checkout my gallery below showing before, after, and all the steps involved!
Building a Bench for a Bonfire